Aino Construction, logistics and heavy vehicle services in Afghanistan

The backbone of any Country’s National development depends on their Infrastructure, systems and ability to cope and respond to the day to day needs. From simple would be Communication needs to high tech infrastructure and or even disaster recovery the need for a comprehensive neo- technological and Professional approach cannot be over emphasized. Aino construction and Logistic Company offers you professionalism, technical competency, and all round guaranteed supply chain for services in our domain.


In view of developing our country and internal capacity we undertake collaborative partnership with International organizations that have renowned expertise and comprehensive skills to develop indigenous highly trained staff. All project requirements and systems are fully addressed and documented as per International standards, Standard Operating Procedures, HSE policies, Quality Assurance and Control systems.

Skills transfer as a medium of enhancing development and continuity, is embarked on through various training programs designed in-house in view of our commitment to develop Afghanistan’s future.


Aino construction and Logistics company is a private for profit organization and is holding its registration license from Afghanistan’s Investment Support Authority (AISA). Therefore,
Aino-Afghanistan’s all activities and business will always be aligned in respect to the laws and regulations and policies of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

We have a wide skill base within our company and, therefore, can undertake a wide variety of projects both in construction and more generally in logistics and consultations. The main lines of business in which Aino-Afghanistan is providing services are:

1. Construction

2. Logistics and General Order Supplies

3. Heavy Vehicle Rental

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